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Some of our work
Modernising and optimising the Ballast System

Modernisation of Allseas' Ballast Systems, optimising the system scalable fleet-wide, increasing operational efficiency, and achieving compliancy with water treatment regulations. 


Automating Ballast Procedure generation.

The new system transformed engineering workflows from manual to automated, streamlining operations 12 times quicker, reducing errors, and freeing up engineers.

Increasing asset utilisation with predictive maintenance.

The solution involved establishing a central asset monitoring system and then integrating advanced analytics algorithms for predictive maintenance.

Cloud solution architecture for offshore wind engineering.

The solution crafted a scalable cloud architecture to deploy maritime engineering software modules efficiently for the offshore renewables sector.

Automation of PLC code generation.

Transforming an existing tool into an updated, user-friendly version, automating PLC code generation from configuration files to reduce manual coding and errors.

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