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TEchnology Consultant intern

Job Summary

As a consultant intern you work directly in our project teams solving our clients' sustainability challenges. You are required to have flexibility to switch between 3 role types; innovation consultant, sustainability expert and service designer. 

In summary, your main tasks and responsibilities are: 

  • Identify the sustainability challenges of our clients. 

  • Initiate sustainable solutions and develop strategies. 

  • Design tailor made digital solutions together with our clients & support our development process. 

  • Conduct research to incorporate sustainability indicators (e.g., GRI, ESG, CSRD) in our data models.

Innovation consultant

In the strategy consultant role, you identify the clients sustainability challenges and needs during meetings and workshops. Based on the work of our data scientist you initiate sustainable solutions, capture those in a strategy and support our clients with execution.

Sustainability expert

In the sustainability expert role, your main responsibility is to research which sustainability indicators are relevant and together with our data scientist determine how we can incorporate these indicators into a data model. You are responsible for a continuous stream of the latest knowledge, tools, and sustainability reports. You will be involved as an impact specialist during meetings where you will work as a sparring partner to stakeholders.

Service designer

As a service designer you’ll design new solutions together with our clients - think of digital platforms or sustainability dashboards. These designs are crucial building blocks for our data heroes to do what they do best; building wicked software solutions for our clients. 



  • WO masters in the fields of sustainability, design, or innovation.

  • Good scientific research skills (you know how to find the right sources in a short time)

  • Comfortable to work in a startup environment: autonomous and yet a collaborative way of working

  • Good communication skills (verbal and PowerPoint)


  • Knowledge on sustainability reporting

  • Relevant experience with data (science and/or data visualisation)

  • Experience in workshop facilitation

  • UX/UI design (e.g., Illustrator, Sketch)

  • Experience with building wireframes for digital solutions

Whats in it for you

At Yabba Data Doo we care as much about our employees as we care about the planet. We highly value the personal development of our people and offer coaching and guidance where needed. On top of that we offer a competitive salary and flexibility in holidays and working hours. 


During an internship at Yabba Data Doo, you will:

  • Learn to support companies to become more sustainable with data science

  • Learn data skills during many sparring sessions with our data scientist.

  • Get practical work experience in consulting. 

  • Work in a fast paced startup environment, with both freedom and responsibility. 

Interested? Reach out!

Send an email to Nick (our consulting lead) at

and attach your CV and motivation letter (only PDF).  

He will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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