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automating the
maritime industry

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We support leaders in the maritime industry

with software modernisation and automation. 

Yabba Data Doo is an Amsterdam based software agency specialised in the Maritime industry. We are a team of technical experts, innovators, and strong communicators who thrive on heavy coding and maritime complexities.


Yabba Data Doo is your partner for automating software, developing solid back-ends and transforming legacy code into modern foundations. 

Our mission is to automate the Maritime industry to achieve lower operational costs, enhance uptime, and minimize environmental impact.

With Yabba Data Doo, your organization can effectively execute projects and stay ahead in a competitive landscape. We help leaders navigate complex issues, accelerate operational capabilities, and provide a rock-solid foundation for progress. Let's transform your future together.


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Legacy Modernization 

Experiencing the pain of outdated software? Our expertise lies in upgrading legacy code, providing a solid, modern and scalable foundation for your software projects. With us, your systems will meet upcoming needs and standards so you can focus on running your projects.

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Need to scale your software? We automate software systems in order to reduce OPEX and optimise uptime. We are at the forefront of automation and technology in the maritime industry, and we're committed to maintaining your position at the cutting edge of technology as well.  

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data science applications

Need to have insight or predict? ​We develop complex back-end data models for applications as predictive maintenance, real-time vessel monitoring and voyage optimization. Data analytics is essential for a cost-effective and environmental-friendly maritime operation.


We work with our experienced Python developers in sprints per project. At Yabba Data Doo, we are experts in co-creation and iterative development. We collaborate closely with internal teams, combining our technical and software expertise with your naval experience to create a perfect synergy. Enhancing operational agility in a competitive landscape. 

Our specialisation  
  • We work for premium clients in the Offshore and Maritime Industry

  • We modernize legacy code and automate software 

  • We thrive in complex challenges that require our technical and coding skills

  • We specialise in Information Technology side of vessels.

  • We develop complex back-end models.  

  • We develop in Python using the latest standards, design patterns and best practises

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