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We empower heavy engineering
to unlock it's full potential. 

Yabba Data Doo is a software agency that empowers heavy engineering organisations,

to unlock their asset and operational potential with custom software solutions.

Trusted by industry leaders

We understand that as engineering powerhouse,

a lack of software and data capabilities can hold back your true potential.


Without dedication to develop and modernize crucial software and data applications, your operational and asset capabilities are not capatilised.


That's where we come in - to provide the cutting edge software- and data- partner you seek, empowering you to focus on what you do best.

Our services
Legacy Modernization 

Experiencing the pain of outdated software? Our expertise lies in upgrading legacy code, providing a solid, modern and scalable foundation for your software projects. With us, your systems will meet upcoming needs and standards so you can focus on running your projects.


Need to scale your software? We develop software systems in order to reduce OPEX and optimise uptime. We are at the forefront of automation and technology in the maritime industry, and we're committed to maintaining your position at the cutting edge of technology as well.  

Data Science Applications

Need to have insight or predict? ​We develop complex back-end data models for applications as predictive maintenance, real-time vessel monitoring and voyage optimization. Data analytics is essential for a cost-effective and environmental-friendly maritime operation.

Some of our work
Modernising and optimising the Ballast System

Modernisation of Allseas' Ballast Systems, optimising the system scalable fleet-wide, increasing operational efficiency and achieving compliancy to water treatment regulations. 


Automation of PLC code generation.

Transforming an existing tool into an updated, user-friendly version, automating PLC code generation from configuration files to reduce manual coding and errors.

What clients say
Allseas - Pieter (1).jpeg
"Yabba Data Doo operate as an agile partner, delivering high-quality results, rapidly accelerating our backlog, and doing so without requiring excess management resources on our part"

Pieter Demeersseman
Department Head Systems Allseas

Accelerate your development
Discover how Yabba Data Doo can help empower your technology teams.
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