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Improving employee health and job satisfaction

Industry: Healthcare

Tech Stack: AWS, Express, React

An action-oriented data collection and monitoring platform to ensure employee health and well-being.

#DataCollection #DataPlatform #Healthcare

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Vitaal Vechtdal promotes preventive and positive healthcare to lower the cost of the current healthcare system. Employers who ensure that employees stay fit for the ever-changing work environment are on their way towards sustainable employability, ensuring higher job satisfaction, less absenteeism and higher labour productivity.

The aim was to build a data-driven business model equipped for the future and increase Vitaal Vechtdal’s impact by making valuable health information about the workforce accessible to the businesses using the platform.


Yabba Data Doo developed the platform 'Vitality on the Workfloor'. The platform support HR-managers to collect data and report on employees’ health and well-being.


The insights from reporting are made actionable by suggesting personalized and pre-selected initiatives offered by Vitaal Vechtdal’s verified partner companies.

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During a 4-phase project the solution was defined, developed, and tested. The beta version of the platform was launched and Yabba Data Doo supported the organisation with building the right capabilities needed to execute and scale the platform.


  • A platform that allows HR-managers to gain insights and act on their employees’ health.

  • A data-driven business model driving growth for Vitaal Vechtdal.

  • An organisation (strategy, operating model and team) ready to execute and scale the platform.

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