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Automated Sustainability Reporting

Industry: Consulting & Audit

Tech Stack: Azure, Python, Power BI

A data application for RSM to monitor their non-financial indicators on a day-to-day basis, to inform action towards a sustainable transition and enabling regulatory compliance (i.e. CSRD).

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RSM Netherlands is highly committed to a more sustainable future, which is related to four focus areas: governance, economic, social, and environmental. In addition, new regulations oblige them to report on KPIs in these focus areas, and RSM wishes to automate the reporting of them.


The collaboration between RSM and Yabba Data Doo focussed on smart automation, to monitor RSM's non-financial indicators in real-time, with an initial scope of diversity, CO2 emissions, and project risks.  


The result is three comprehensive reports consisting of multiple dashboards that enables automated reporting on sustainability data and KPI’s for RSM.


The data is presented in real-time, and besides helping RSM become CSRD compliant, they also enable valuable insights that helps RSM become more sustainable on a day-to-day basis.

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In this 2-phase project Yabba Data Doo built and integrated an automated reporting tool in Power BI. During the definition phase, we defined and prioritised KPIs underlying the CSRD, and defined data points needed per KPI.


Yabba Data Doo performed a data maturity analysis per data point, identifying availability and accessibility, and data gaps. As well as mapping encountered action points to resolve first data gaps.


In the 3-sprint development phase, the data infrastructure and automated dashboards were developed, validated, and integrated in RSM's IT environment.


  • Automated reporting of RSM's non-financial indicators

  • Insights from the dashboards can help steer the organisation towards being more sustainable on a day-to-day basis

  • Enabling CSRD compliancy, and easing the associated workload through automated reporting

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