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Improving employee health and job satisfaction 

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Project Summary : 2-3 lines


Vitaal Vechtdal promotes preventive and positive healthcare to lower the cost of the current healthcare system . People will continue to work longer and longer and the average age in the workplace is rising. Employers and employees who ensure that they stay fit for the ever faster changing work are on the way to sustainable employability. It ensures more job satisfaction, less absenteeism and higher labor productivity.

To increase the impact of Vitaal Vechtdal wants to become the regional 'data steward'  thus providing various stakeholders with the right information. A next step in the development of Vitaal Vechtdal is to make valuable health information accessible to employers and employees and to develop a revenue model for the future.

Yabba Data Doo developed the platform 'Vitality on the work floor' in three 2-week sprints. The platform that is tested with 4 organisations, can be implemented at organisations through which HR-managers and employees can jointly see and improve the health and working conditions of employees.

Based on the generated data, Vitaal Vechtdal can devise suitable initiatives and offer these to employees via the HR-managers. By executing these initiatives together with partner companies (such as a physiotherapist, gyms or dieticians), Vitaal Vechtdal increases the health of the workforce. The scalability of the platform and the partner networks allows Vitaal Vechtdal to grow their business model for the coming years.



  • A scalable platform that allows them to collect health data from employees. 

  • A sustainable business model driving growth and impact

  • A strategy and operation model that supports the organisation with executing the tool 

  • Trained team in product ownership

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