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sustainability prediciton
data application

Industry: Manufacturing

Tech Stack: Azure, Python, Power BI 

An advanced global data application, driven by Big Data analytics, that equips Canon's sales teams with actionable insights into the sustainable performance of the Canon Colorado printer.

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With sustainability being a focal point for Canon customers, there's a growing demand for data-backed credibility concerning both the total cost of ownership and sustainable performance. Canon aims to offer this critical information through a sophisticated, data-centric approach.


The Colorado Sustainability Calculator, developed by Yabba Data Doo, assists Canon's sales and marketing teams by providing data-based insights and predictions concerning the Canon Colorado printer's sustainability performance. This tool not only offers key performance metrics but also predicts CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, and potential cost savings, giving a more complete picture of the printer's long-term sustainability. Users can also input their own data for direct comparisons with other technologies.

Powered by Big Data gathered from printer sensors, the application applies predictive analytics to offer a robust, data-driven approach to sustainability. This aligns well with Canon's aim to provide credible, data-supported information during sales conversations.


Get tangible insights
About the estimated footprint of the Colorado and sustainability-related savings

Customise and compare
Input personalised data and view the potential monetary savings

Print results
Export and print a handout with all the key insights


The application was developed in six sprints with continuous feedback from the Canon project team. Yabba Data Doo first executed an exploratory data analysis to identify USPs where Canon outperforms its competitors. Together we then co-created several prototypes in iterations along with finetuning the data and calculations, before developing the final and fully integrated Beta version. Lastly, the application was tested and validated by the sales teams through a two-sprint validation process, to ensure value creation, internal adoption and capture final feedback for improvements. 


  • Boosts sales conversions with a validated, data-driven application that offers predictive sustainability insights.

  • Uses Big Data analytics from printer sensors to identify sustainability-related USPs such as energy use and CO2 emissions.

  • Features a scalable concept for interactive presentation of sustainability data.

  • Offers improved operational and sustainability metrics to R&D teams, covering areas like energy, CO2 emissions, ink, and media usage.

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